EasyGov Solution Compliance with Personal Data Protection Bill: The Personal Data Protection 2019, helps ensure that a citizens data is not misused by the private sector or government alike. The solution to be deployed is fully aligned with the principles set out in the law. To ensure that the solution is compliant with the Global Data Protection Regulations the product follows a “need to know” principle.

Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

The product informs the citizen explicitly that the data is being used for the purposes of scheme benefits only. All access is controlled using named user IDs and multifactor authentication. For scheme discovery or browsing of schemes no personally identifiable information is collected from the user. Information given for one scheme is not automatically used for other schemes. Each time a user applies for a scheme a fresh consent is taken from the user.

Purpose Limitation

The platform explicitly informs the user on the reason for information collection. Only authorized people are allowed to view the details for the purposes of processing the users welfare application. For analytics data is first cleansed and then processed further.

Data Minimisation

The system works on a need-to-know basis i.e. only information that is needed to grant benefit of a scheme is collected. At the time of building the form, the team strictly follows the scheme document for configuring the forms for data collection. The team also suggests a process re-engineering to reduce the data fields and number of people who have access to the information. ​


At the time of each application by a citizen, the citizen is required to revalidate the information stored from previous interactions. Additionally, all data that has been electronically validated is collected again and revalidated.

Storage Limitation

Citizens at any point can delete their profile. If they so desire, they can withdraw existing applications thus removing their records from the system. Purging of records can be done as per the government rules.

Integrity and confidentiality

The data is stored in such a manner such that direct access is not permitted. The data is stored on the cloud or if so desired the system may be hosted in the State Data Center.

Our Technology

As a pioneer in enhancing Social Protection through GovTech, EasyGov's transformative platform takes your welfare ecosystem to the future. Our Software-as-a-Service platform follows global logical operating models, and has the capability to counter all practical challenges such as lack of data, diversity across states, complex requirements of governments and the digital capability of users.