Our Flagship Need Score Beneficiary Dashboard approaches identification of beneficiaries from a completely novel perspective. The solution takes into account countless attributes, such as health, housing, previous benefits received, family members, etc., and utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to simplify complex or lack of data into a score that is comparable across profiles. The Need Score, calibrated across schemes and various needs, helps identify the individuals that may be in most need of a particular benefit.



    Our workflow model caters to multiple complex hierarchies that currently exist in Government Departments at the same time. Multiple stages as well as States get addressed collectively.


    Our rule engine focuses on defining clear rules for the system with detailed categorization. This allows intelligent elimination for easy & proactive discovery of relevant schemes by citizens.


    The system relies on mapping the interdependency between the 300+ attributes identified from policies & those derived from our deep domain expertise to provide best results.


    Our solution carefully maps citizen profiles with rules & attributes within the system to confirm or deny eligibility, completing this complex process across multiple schemes within seconds.

As a pioneer in enhancing Social Protection through GovTech, EasyGov's transformative platform takes your welfare ecosystem to the future. Our Software-as-a-Service platform follows global logical operating models, and has the capability to counter all practical challenges such as lack of data, diversity across states, complex requirements of governments and the digital capability of users.