Our End-to-End Benefit Administration Technology addresses complex challenges within social protection, specifically those that focus on multiple benefits which can be combined under a single scheme. Our platform logically allows management of beneficiary status in a dynamic environment & mapping of obligation rules from policy document to technology system. The technology possesses capabilities to manage cash/kind, DBT/non-DBT, & no-benefit cases through smart computation rules that address multiple scenarios.



    Our Benefit Model allows management of beneficiary status in a dynamic environment, allowing exposure to various benefits that vary by type, frequencies, & disbursement rules.


    The model possesses capabilities to manage multiple stage triggers that help check obligation rules. Our smart computation rules help address multiple scenarios from stage triggers.


    The system relies on mapping the obligation rules from policy documents to the technology systems. These obligation rules assist further in governing stage triggers & resulting scenarios.


    The platform easily manages & addresses both cash/kind, DBT/non-DBT & no-benefit cases and smart computation rules that determine the benefit disbursement & granting to applicant.

As a pioneer in enhancing Social Protection through GovTech, EasyGov's transformative platform takes your welfare ecosystem to the future. Our Software-as-a-Service platform follows global logical operating models, and has the capability to counter all practical challenges such as lack of data, diversity across states, complex requirements of governments and the digital capability of users.