EasyGov is an award-winning Govtech startup, working towards the transformation of social protection.

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Countless communities across the world are affected and vulnerable due to gender, age, religion, income, caste, geography, etc., and are in dire need of basic support in the form of food, shelter, health, and even education. While social protection strives to help provide the support required, it must go further than that. Social protection needs to be more accessible while identifying the correct beneficiaries; however, it must also empower citizens to transcend beyond reliance on social protection and help elevate such communities to better livelihoods.

The EasyGov platform helps the government implement current welfare schemes to achieve immediate results by making welfare programs more accessible to the public. EasyGov proposes to implement a built for purpose solution to deliver the welfare schemes to the right recipients on time - focusing on the ones that are:



    Data is matched against rule- based documents which, once confirmed, allows access to the application.


    Self-entered data is cross- checked by governmental departments real-time or on field using official documents.


    Verified data is then evaluated based on family needs, AI suggestions, & principle based discretion by government.

Millions of citizens trust EasyGov to discover the relevant schemes and check their eligibility. Many Governments use our end to end product for the fulfillment of their welfare programs with minimum manual interventions, and maximum utilisation of the existing digital infrastructure. Policy makers appreciate our unique capabilities to suggest possible errors of inclusion/exclusion, the dashboards to move towards data insight driven welfare interventions. We believe in socio-economic progression of citizens, and leverage technology to create such an enabling environment.