Quick launch of schemes

We can launch any scheme on our platform within 24 hours of it’s announcement.

Minimum Bureaucracy, Maximum Delivery

With world class process being built into the solution, we free up time of government officers for strategic tasks.

Customer Analytical Record

Government can create a citizen centric view to understand efficacy of various schemes.

Proactive Eligibility

Check person’s eligibility based on information available with the government.

Submit Application with Few Clicks

No forms to be filled, direct upload of documents through an intuitive user interface.

Real Time Tracking

Both citizens and officials can track any application on a real time basis.


The nature of technology is evolving, and governments can transform citizen services with powerful technology.

Microservice based Solution

All components of our platform have been build using Microservices, making it highly customizable, easy to integrate and flexible.

Scalable Platform

Our architecture allows us to optimize hardware for very low loads without compromising responsiveness for high loads.

Continuous Integration

We use continuous integration in development to ensure better defect free delivery.

Use of AI and ML

Our rule engine algorithms and backend are being developed using AI and ML tools for better user experiences.


Government Process Reengineering based on Best Practices

We have built a reengineered process in our platform to ensure transformation and automation in a single step.

Strong Government Scheme Research Capability

With the right methods for collecting, correlating and inferring data, our team has collated information about over 10,000 schemes and services in India.

Aadhar Stack Integration

Our’s is the only solution which is using all four components of the Aadhaar stack.

Rule Engine based Eligibility Check

Our rule engine based eligibility check reduces the number of questions that a user needs to answer and improves the accuracy of the results. Our constant innovation in this area keeps us ahead of others.


To know more about how we can bring innovative practices to welfare delivery, please leave your details and we will contact you.

or contact@easygov.co.in